I’m not angry I’m disappointed. Not just in the result, the spectacle or the underwhelming result of this bout – but in Floyd. Here was his chance to cement his legacy as one of, if not the greatest boxer of all time. He’s so used to evading Manny Pacquiao did he accidently continue this trend in the ring? For me Clive by evading the action, he’s evaded the greatest accolade.

I watched the bout down my friends Jay’s house. First match with my friends since Hatton-Mayweather, and oh how we all craved another fight of that magnitude. There was an eclectic mix of people there, friends old & now new. It’s great how alcohol, drugs (not me) and some old fashioned pugilism can quickly bond the widest spectrum of men.

Never mind the big fight undercards, we could very well have had our own pre-match fight in the house, the amount of testosterone flying around would have been enough to give Lance Armstrong a tour de world win.

The tension not just among the men either. The host’s girlfriend returning unexpectantly after having been paid to stay away. In Floyd’s world money talks, seems in Jay’s it merely raises a whisper. The anticipation of the showdown talks for us spectators = no blood, sweat or tears – mirroring the bout itself.

The pre-match talk was off old school memories and politics of all things. Truly showing my age there – that I am even discussing it & (most surprising) that I kind of knew what I was talking about.

Watching the celebrities enter the arena felt more of show – a fight for the fans they said – begging the question does Paris Hilton even know who Pacman was; she has trouble knowing her ass from her elbow. Maybe she should watch her homemade video for an anatomy recap, where Rick Soloman is the ass and she gave him the elbow.

Personally I enjoyed the fight, not that can be said for everyone present. One gentleman taking a kip mid night fight. Pacman support was in the majority at the house, with Jay being the prominent and most vocal Mayweather supporter, filling out his unofficial score as the fight went on. I wonder if he was unofficially paid off by Floyd too, the card reflecting 1-0 to Floyd like the Arsenal of old.

Pacquiao came and done what he was supposed and expected to do. Mayweather the same. There’s always a script for a Mayweather fight and both men kept to it. The format is the same, just the supporting actors are interchanged, Hatton-Cotto- Pacquiao. Ducking and diving like a modern day cad. In the fairground Floyd is definitely of the dodgem cars opinion rather than the bumper cars.

In my eyes, the fight was a draw or a slim Mayweather win. Both past their best and this showed in the fight. Fascinately boring akin to a Chelsea-Arsenal champion’s league semi final.

Note to Floyd: You’re supposed to hug your wife & punch your opponent, not the other way round.

Post fight, Pacquiao showed humility and genuinely thought he had won. Talk was of boxing and an honest critique of Floyd. When Floyd took the mike and started spouting about Watches, it was time to go.

Ding ding seconds out – Payweather not Mayweather.


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