Do the Don’ts

When you travel there are always people giving you “advice”. From your fellow travellers to online articles and travel magazines, an inescapable avalanche of goodwill. In one corner you’ve got the promoters telling you where to go and what to do (sometimes adamantly), you would swear they were on commission (ps some are). As for the other corner, you got the Naysayers plundering you into submission, possibly scaremongering you into changing your flights home (do not go with air china though they are horrendous – so I have heard , or been TOLD x earache)

In some cases the advice and tips may be helpful. However it can and will curb your “experience”. Certain rules are there to be broken and boundaries to be tested. It´s what real traveling is about.

I have compiled some examples of where you can do the don’ts & don’t the do’s…

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