What is one of the biggest pleasures in life? *correction* What is one of my biggest pleasures in life, as I cannot assume what may indeed – float your boat. In fact my tastes and pleasures could just as likely be the torpedo that would sink your pleasure craft!

So it’s nothing, that’s right absolutely nothing – the square root of anything divided by 0.

Some people say that doing nothing is time wasted; these people are entitled to their opinion of course – even if it is crap. Everyone is entitled to my opinion. Sometimes (not always)….I like to do nothing. If I have a day off work, an hour spare or if it’s just a case of lying on the beach, it’s like heaven to me.

I might also be reading or texting or just simply lying down  but basically it’s still doing nothing. I cannot understand but still appreciate why some people always have to be doing ‘something’ whatever that something constitutes of.

Relaxing and chilling is a leisure ‘activity’ yep a leisure activity and as long as you haven’t got any urgent matters to attend to – why not?

‘Why not’ Now that is a great response to a question and a fantastic attitude for life. ‘Roll the dice’ is another great one and in fact is my particular favorite.   ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ is another, and there a few select others which I like. But, I will stop now as I don’t want this blog to sound like some kind of motivational speech or self help article, god knows we don’t need another one of those bad boys cluttering up the libraries bookshelves do we?! I mean there’d be no room for the thousands of those ‘for dummies’ books!!

Why do nothing?

> well for starters it’s not nothing – it’s therapeutic, relaxing, & destressing

.> for mains –  I like it, it’s a hobby, I enjoy doing it and will continue to do so

> and for desserts I’m busy doing nothing as I probably have nothing to do, its called effective time management and other people are rushing around cursing me, not out of criticism as they may think but subconsciously it’s jealousy because they are busy and it’s probably their fault!

So desserts seem to have the biggest chunk there, not ironic really considering that’s my favourite part of a meal. Another non surprise is that people, yes that’s me and you, eat dessert at our most relaxed……sweets watching a film, ice cream at the beach, cake on the sofa at home etc

So there you have it, my explanation of doing nothing – and if you’re wondering why did I even write this blog, waste my time or indeed think “didn’t I have anything else to do”

then you have indeed proved my point……..

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