Crash, bang, wallop, that’s how I fell into the travelling life – pushed myself out the door of a moving economic train. Overstuffing my new £150 rucksack to the brim – where the weight equalled to the monetary value.

Ironically, I decided to quit my International Superstar Status job and start travelling -when I was declined a holiday request; a reasonable one I may add. Snowballing to a wipe out avalanche.

Over-packed and Under-prepared – I took the first steps (with shoes on) on my travelling monologue.

I hit Sydney first, the homesickness hit me second. It didn’t matter how much fun I had, and fun was to be had, I craved home like a de-shelled tortoise. Everywhere I went, it went. Everything I did, it did went. To escape it would be to escape myself. Nothing is impossible: ahem!

Some people aren’t cut out for travelling, being on their own, thinking for themselves. Was I one of them, had I overestimated my ambitions; underestimated my Welsh existence? You’d figure these questions would be foremost in all new travellers minds, then fade away. True and False – for me.

A perennial sidekick, never leaving your side. Adapting as you grow/go. As you continue to travel, it’s not home you miss – it’s the last place – your last temporary home. You compare the hostel, the town, the people, anything which is the same but different (same same).

I realised what I had, when I had it, which made it all the more difficult to leave behind. I yearned for my current life before I left it, not after. I was often referred to as ‘winging it’ by my peers but my lack of planning was aided by my inability to loosen my fingertip hold on the status quo.

I see people appreciate their life, surroundings, friends on social media and I optimistically wonder if they take a step back and embrace those moments at the time.

“Take only Memories, Leave only Footprints”

I don’t have a favourite place that I have been.

I don’t have a favourite person that I have met.

The combinations of people and places is infinite. The experience is unique to everyone and everything.

From the depths of a Mexican Jail to feeding a beer to a monkey to the isolated paradise of a Fijian Island where the water warms you up instead of cooling you down.

I’m not preaching or sending a message. Everyone has a story, and this is part of mine.

bad decisions make good stories.

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